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Electronic Commerce: Doing Business On The Internet

At WebbSite, Inc.™ we believe that the future of the Internet belongs to those companies that learn to use this global network to streamline and enhance all aspects of their business. The Internet can provide your business with the ability to market your company to a rapidly growing body of millions of potential customers who were previously out of reach. Ease of access to information and products is what drives the fantastic growth of the Internet, and in the years to come companies that provide quick, efficient access to on-line services and products will be well positioned to capture a share of this exciting market.

Webbsite, Inc.™ can help you market and sell your services and products to the Internet community today. We use state-of-the-art SSL, PGP, and Triple-DES encryption techniques as well as advanced technologies such as SQL relational databases, Verisign™ Digital Authentication Certificates, PDG, and WatchGaurd™ firewalls to protect customer information and provide secure on-line credit card transactions. And electronic commerce is something that you can't afford to cut corners on. If your on-line storefront is not secure you may erode your customers' trust in your business or even expose yourself to potential lawsuits if credit card information is stolen. Check here to see why we use Verisign.

Let the experts at Webbsite, Inc.™ help you decide on the best way for your business to do business on the Web. Whether you need a single order form or a complex shopping cart application, we can provide the professional services to allow you to quickly navigate the complex maze of technologies required for secure on-line transactions, so you can start realizing the full potential of the Internet today. Contact us at info@webbsite.com to arrange a free consultation.

Mercantec E-Commerce Software

Mercantec SoftCart is considered one of the most popular e-commerce solutions on the market today because of its reputation for ease of use, unparalleled security, proven reliability, open architecture and worldwide adaptability. Out of the box, SoftCart provides merchants with an easy to use StoreBuilder Wizard that walks new merchants through the required steps of setting up a viable e-commerce store-front.

Mercantec's award winning SoftCart line of e-commerce enabling software is targeted primarily at small- to medium-sized merchants that are hosted by Commerce Service Providers (primarily ISPs and telcos) and have stores between 10 and 1,000,000 products.

    SoftCart Start-Up-
  • For the SOHO merchant selling 10 or fewer products
  • Store Construction Wizard
  • Supports 3 tax and shipping zones
  • No support for real time credit card processing
    SoftCart Lite-
  • All the features of Pro except the product API and optional real time credit card processing, but for the merchant selling 100 or fewer products
    SoftCart Pro-
  • For the merchant selling an unlimited number of products
  • Store Construction Wizard
  • Unlimited number of tax and shipping zones
  • Optional real time credit card processing
  • On-line help, Merchant Connection, Sales reporting, affiliate tracking, and discounting
  • Compatible with optional Product API for third party database integration
    SoftCart Suite-
  • A turnkey bundled solution including SoftCart Pro, CyberCash payment module, QBLink module for Intuit QuickBooks, and Drop Ship Module

WebbSite, Inc.™ is proud to have CyberCash, Inc. as a partner in providing our e-commerce services.

About CyberCash, Inc.

CyberCash, Inc, headquartered in Reston, VA, in the United States, was founded in August 1994 by Bill Melton, founder of Verifone and Transaction Network Services, Dan Lynch, founder of Interop, Steve Crocker and Bruce Wilson. CyberCash is recognized as the world's leading provider of Secure Electronic Commerce Payment Solutions. Although several companies offer electronic commerce payment solutions, CyberCash is the only company to offer multiple payment types including credit, cash and check. So you get the quality, convenient and easy-to-use services that you demand.

CyberCash is the pioneer of the major electronic commerce payment advances on the Internet. With our wide range of products and services, CyberCash is unique in enabling merchants around the globe to accept multiple forms of payment around-the-clock including Secure Payment/SET™, CyberCoin® and PayNow™ electronic check. Their solutions empower your business to realize the potential power of the Internet.

As financial transactions continue to proliferate across the Internet, CyberCash solutions securely and conveniently link thousands of merchants and their customers to leading financial institutions and payment processing networks, making it as safe and easy to transact business on the Internet as it is it is in the physical world.

Dedicated to security and maintaining your trust, CyberCash is the only company with a worldwide export license for the 1024-bit RSA encryption algorithm, and also offers the first real-time, secure credit card authentication service over the Internet that is based on digital signatures.

CyberCash has partnerships and networks in the Canada, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They also maintain extensive connections to world partners throughout Europe and in the Asia/Pacific region. Their global partnerships enable shoppers from all over the world access to products and services from merchants in Europe, North America and Asia.


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